Why to travel with us?

We are offering luxury yacht chartering and selling services for over 35 years. Trust us to get the best.

Luxury Cabins

Cabins of our Yachts are designed in such a way that it gives extreme comfort & luxury. Choice of a master cabin with a king size bed offers ultimate luxury to make the journey more cosy.

Professional Crew

We ensure that only the best crew operate for your vessel. We have crew members that are highly experienced, honest and are quick enough to manage everything well.

100s of Yachts

Our dock comprises not 1 or 2 but 100s of Yachts that facilitates luxury based on the demand of our clients. Our clients can pick from a super yacht to adventure yacht, cruising yacht, motor yacht etc. based on their demand.

About Us

Established in 2003 by Baarfi-Yacht LLP, Baarfi Yacht Charter is one of the top Yacht Charter providing agency in the world. Our dock is a hub of more than 100s of Yachts operating in various parts of the globe. We offer various categories of Yachts like Motor Yachts, Sailing Yachts, Fishing Yachts, Adventure Yachts, Cruising Yachts etc. Hire the one that best suits your needs.

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A dock of more than 100s of Yachts and reach to several countries make you go a long way with the type of sailing experience you envision


The trip was just amazing! I cannot thank Yuvi yacht charter enough for giving me such an experience. The voyage with their yacht was just astounding.

Rocco -

A great trip to the Bahamas. I and my colleagues really enjoyed sailing across the sea. Thanks, Baarfi Yacht for making our journery so beautiful.

Jeroen -

I had a great experience with Baarfi Yachts. Their collection is amazing and I got the most luxurious journey ever in my life.

Mike Jones -

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