Birthday Celebrations on the cruise

Our crew specializes in organizing occasional celebrations such as birthday, wedding, anniversary etc. Their expertise in baking beautiful cakes along with serving pop Champagne and a romantic couple dinner is all that makes the celebration just amazing. Menus are prepared based on what your guests like. Renting a yacht with us is like renting a private home with a personal chef. Just order them and they prepare it for you. Our crew likes to have fun and find themselves endless ways to be creative to prepare for any celebration.

Captains are usually engaged at various ports to organize various creative events like horseback riding, a nature walk along the coastline or a beach bar. One can select from a given list of activities that best suits their interests.

Itineraries are not a planned thing so what captain usually does is that they come up with a menu chart when you arrive and then the desired food is served in few minutes or hours.

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