Top 5 favourite yacht charter destinations in the world

1. Greece: With a group of 3000 sailing islands, Greece is considered one of the best destination to yacht charter in the world. You can choose to travel to the 5 main islands:

a) Ionian Islands
b) The Cyclades
c) The Dodecanese
d) The Sporades
e) The Athens region

Just because of the zigzag coastline, Greece is considered ideal for sailing through beaches & bays.

Greece Island


2. Croatia: Croatia has more than 1200 islands. Prime locations to visit are:

a) Istria and Kvarner
b) North Dalmatia
c) Central Dalmatia
d) South Dalmatia

Croatia Island

Your sailing experience in Croatia will be the best combination of hot sun, deep and crystal blue sea where you can see the pebbles or the sand clearly.

3. Italy: Sicily in Italy is considered the largest island in the Mediterranean. The largest active volcano in Italy, Mount Etna, can be seen while sailing on your yacht. There are numerous beaches in the Palermo where you can feel a great sailing experience.

Sicily Island


4. The Canary Islands in Spain: This Island was discovered by the Columbus who figured out the idea of sailing here and making it a new destination for sailing lovers.

The biggest carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife is organized here. While you can explore Fuerteventura with a Kayak. Gran Canaria which has been remarked as the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve can also be seen here.


5. The French Riviera: This destination comprises of unspoiled Islands, broken inlets, and beautiful beaches. One can also see the very large cosmopolitan resorts of Monte Carlo, Nice, and Cannes.

People come here to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and tall palm trees along the coastline. One can also check out 2 other sailing areas:

a) The island of Corsica
b) The Gulf of Lion

One can also plan to see Monaco and its upscale hotels and casinos.

French Riviera

A new destination: Sandy Island

If you are planning to charter a yacht from our own Grenada base, you can think of considering the Grenadines as the perfect destination. Grenada is one of the not to be missed islands to visit in the world. If you visit Grenadines, don’t forget to visit Carriacou. And of course, the amazing Sandy Island Marine Park.

Sandy Island

Sandy Island Marine Park is an abandoned island that has never been touched by human beings. There are no shopping places here. Not even a bar or a restaurant. With a beautiful sandy beach as well as crystal clear water, this island proved to be a favorite destination for snorkelers. It is also considered one of the most important marine ecosystems in the world and a significant area based on cultural significance.

It is recommended that you must use a mooring ball while staying at this Island. Sandy Island/Oyster Bed Marine Protected Area (SIOBMPA) has set up a mooring field and maintenance will be done by the revenue generated through this mooring ball. Mooring costs somewhere around USD 10. It is a very small amount to pay for a peaceful night there.

Birthday Celebrations on the cruise

Our crew specializes in organizing occasional celebrations such as birthday, wedding, anniversary etc. Their expertise in baking beautiful cakes along with serving pop Champagne and a romantic couple dinner is all that makes the celebration just amazing. Menus are prepared based on what your guests like. Renting a yacht with us is like renting a private home with a personal chef. Just order them and they prepare it for you. Our crew likes to have fun and find themselves endless ways to be creative to prepare for any celebration.

Captains are usually engaged at various ports to organize various creative events like horseback riding, a nature walk along the coastline or a beach bar. One can select from a given list of activities that best suits their interests.

Itineraries are not a planned thing so what captain usually does is that they come up with a menu chart when you arrive and then the desired food is served in few minutes or hours.

Health & Wellness on the cruise

So it is the time you are going on for a long vacation. This makes worried about the diet you have been concerned about. We feel you don’t like changing your diet plan just because you are following it for a long time to achieve the desired results.

Baarfi Yacht Charter comes up with the perfect solution to your dieting plan that you are following and won’t let you change it under any circumstances. Our chefs are highly experienced and versatile enough to prepare various kind of dishes like Vegan, Gluten-free diet, Raw diet, Low carb diet and more. What we expect from you is a menu from you that you wish to have it during the vacation and we make sure that you get the same thing during the entire journey.

Several large yachts consist of a fitness center and have equipment like Treadmills and other necessary equipment to help you maintain your consistency. You can also find gym trainers to help you out in doing the right exercise as per your body requirement.

Gym in the cruise

An idea of Spa makes the fitness go a step ahead. We have massage therapists, beauticians, steam baths etc. to keep you refreshing & relaxing.

Why one should charter a yacht?

One always think why they should charter a yacht for their journey or refreshment? There are other options too but when we talk about chartering a yacht, this often sounds interesting.

It is one of the most special ways of giving guests a quality time to spend together. There are crews who take care of all the housekeeping work like cooking, cleaning, etc. And most importantly, coming up with new activities every day to mesmerize guests throughout the entire journey.

This makes the journey more comfortable as the guests have the entire day & night to spend and enjoy them. Sea or ocean surroundings make the eyes feel soothing. And other than all this what’s more captivating is the private space, swimming pool, beach clubs, garage etc. to make everything feel like a heaven on the water.

Charter Yacht

Selecting the Yacht which is the perfect choice for your journey

Sometimes it’s important that we compare various yachts to figure out how the designers planned to build the yacht based on the requirement.

Classic Yachts: These were the traditional yachts built of wooden and the purpose was solely to compete in the racing yachts for America Cup in the 1930s. They comprised of the main saloon, sconce lighting, mahogany paneling, dining tables, pilot houses, ceiling hatches etc. But this required an infinite number of hours of labor for the maintenance. Nowadays, these traditional classic yachts have modern amenities, air-conditioning etc.

classic yacht

Modern Auxiliary Sailing Yachts: These yachts were popular during the 1970s. They have mono-hull and fiberglass with a high-performance and easy in maintenance. Their bottle-shaped hulls are capable of withstanding any kind of sea. They can be customized to meet the design requirements concluding a variety of comfort and luxury.

Modern Auxiliary Yacht

Power Yachts: They are multi-tier yachts developed during the 1950s and 60s and come up with a zero-speed stabilizer. A sky lounge above the main saloon and a sun-deck just above that made the dock owner have the privacy from the crew. Each power yacht has a multitude of features such as fabrics and elements used for the interiors, Jacuzzis and hot tubs, sun deck, garages as well as beach clubs.

Power yacht

Catamarans: Also termed as faster sailing yachts, it was designed to beat mono-hull sailing yachts. It comes with two-hulls to perform well in terms of speed. They were designed in such a way that the performance doesn’t get affected by any kind of breeze. They offered more privacy than the mono-hull vessels. Catamarans are wide enough and that’s the reason it has more deck space, more stability, and a queen-sized bed bigger compared to mono-hull vessels.