The fee paid for the charter includes the cost for the vessels, the crew and the mooring. Cost of the fuel is calculated based on number of hours a Yacht runs and this should be paid before leaving the vessel. Few of the vessels are free which are included.

For signing up a contract, one need to make a minimum deposit of 50% and the remaining one should be paid before the departure. In case of cancelation made by the client before the charter then the deposit is forfeit. If we are able to get another client during the same booking time then the 50% of the amount will be refunded. 30% of the APA should be in clear funds before departure of large vessels from which the eatables, fuel for the Yacht and a berth at the destination port will be booked.

In case the weather is not favourable, Captain of the Charter will be the decision maker who decides whether to continue with the journey or not. Reason for cancellation of a journey doesn’t get affected by minor events like shower or cloudy weather etc. If the cancellation is called by the client then full refund shall be made to the client if an alternative date cannot be decided to continue with the journey.

Simultaneously, if there is a mechanical failure then another option will be provided. If this doesn’t mind the client’s requirement then full refund shall be made to the client.